Technological system of EC is adjusted to the diversified structure of its customers. Flexibility of the system enables obtaining carrier of thermal energy in two modes, either in cogeneration or linkeage mode. In the process of producing heated water for central heating the WR boiler is connected with the exchangers cooperating with OR boilers. Process water is obtained from exchangers supplied with 0,5 Mpa steam obtained from two boilers through the turbine or reduction stations. Today electricity is generated only in the heating season. MPGK and Fabryka Maszyn Glinik S.A. are EC major customers of thermal energy. FM Glinik S.A. is the main purchaser of electric energy, while Zakład Energetyczny Kraków buys small amount of electricity. As at December 31, 2003 the annual production of heat was 293.147 GJ and annual production of electricity was 5.740 MWh.

Coal handling

Elektrociepłownia Gorlice is fired with hard coal delivered from Silesia by railway transport. Coal is stored on the 10 0000 ton storage yard. Then, it is handled to the boiler bin by means of the skew belt conveyor flight. In the production process EC burns coal of the following parameters:
  • calorific value - 2300[KJ/Kg]
  • sulfur contents - 0,6[%]
  • Ar ash contents - 18,6%

Water and Sewage Management

Water for process purposes is taken from the Ropa river. It is used in the closed circuit. Small amount of water used for regeneration of cation and anion exchangers is taken away by collector number 4 to the river. Storm water is taken away directly to the river. Total capacity of the water treatment station for process purposes i.e. boiler circuit and thermal network is 80 m3/h of demi water.

Total instaled capacity

  • thermal capacity 87[MWt]
  • Electric capacity 7[MW]

Technical parameters of installed equipment:

  • Two OR32/80 type, steam boiler: 32 [t/h] boiler rating; 6.4 [Mpa] nominal pressure; 480 [C] fresh steam temperature
  • Favorite steam boiler: 8 [t/h] boiler rating; 1 [MPa] nominal pressure, 480 [C] fresh steam temperature
  • WR water boiler
  • Pr7/7-6,4/1,67/0,17 extraction-backpressure turbine: 7 [MW] rated power; 6,4/0,05 MPa inlet/outlet pressure
Cooling water pumps