History of EC Gorlice goes back to 1978. Then, the first phase of construction was completed. Two OR 32/80 boilers, one WR25 water boiler and 1-OP-10 TG-set were started up. As demand for thermal energy was increasing, the decision on implementation of the second stage of EC construction was made. In 1987 installation of the second WR25 boiler was completed. As further significant development of industry was forecast, the decision on further development of EC was taken. Two new OR 32/80 boilers and a 7 MW turbine were installed. However, due to the economic crisis in Poland, the stage was not completed. In 1994, as a result of restructuring process of Fabryka Maszyn i Urządzeń Górniczych Glinik, EC Gorlice, originally a department of FM Glinik, became an independent enterprise: Elektrociepłownia Gorlice Sp. z o.o.. In 2001, in the effect of further restructuring process EETEK Ltd., the company founded by Dexia-FondElec Energy Efficiency and Emission Reduction Fund L.P., an innovative investment fund dedicated to environmental protection and rational energy management, joined the group of shareholders of Elektrociepłownia Gorlice. In 2011 the stake owned by EETEK Ltd. was bought by E-Star Alternative Plc.. As a consequence the name of the company has been changed to E-Star Elektrociepłownia Gorlice Sp. z o.o. . Next in 2013 E-Star Alternative Plc. sold it's stake to Premium Energy Fund Spolka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzalnoscia. The priority for EC Gorlice is to maintain the market of the hitherto customers, to improvement competitiveness of supplies, and to expand the market by supplies of media to Glimar Refinery.